E3 SLENDER SEA PAK – High Potency Iodine


E2 Slender Sea Pak – 7 Wild Sea Vegetables, Sea-Iodine –

The MOST Powerful Nutritious Foods on the Planet.

This SPECIAL 7 Wild Sea Vegetable liquid is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It not only helps people lose weight, it promotes one’s overall health.  Benefits Include:

  • Iodine assists patients in losing weight by affecting their thyroid gland and it kicks in their metabolism. If one is going to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, the patient is going to need a healthy thyroid gland.  This gives them that healthy thyroid. 
  • Slender Sea Pak – is great source for magnesium which can help with heart health
  • Contains Chromium and Vanadium to help correct any Blood Sugar Challenges patients might have
  • Contains NATURAL IRON
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties to fight Inflammation which helps reverse premature aging
  • Antioxidants which helps patients have a stronger immune system to fight off FREE radical damage leading to other serious health challenges
  • Contains up to 74% NATURAL iodine, which most adults do not get adequate amounts of, which promotes healthy breast tissue in females. 
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E3 Lab Slender Sea Pak – 7 Wild Sea Vegetables, Sea-Iodine – the MOST Powerful Nutritious Foods on the Planet.

Studies have shown that these Seven WILD SEA Vegetables have anti-inflammatory benefits due to the sulfated polysaccharides in them. They also aid in detoxifying, and cleansing the body.  One of the many things that Sea – Iodine has been linked in assisting in breast health and women’s pregnancy issues.

We suggest a specific protocol for women to use daily and a different protocol for women who are pregnant.   Please contact Dr. Don directly for the best directions.

Ever heard of “Iodine Babies”? look it up. They are children, that have a higher IQ, then their parents, and are more healthy out of the womb than most. They have linked this to women who have high iodine supplementation during pregnancy. SEE VIDEO. *** NOTE USA has taken Iodine OUT of our bread.  This video is about New Zealand and Australia putting it IN their bread.

Here is ALEX JONES of Info Wars – discussing what Iodine information has been surpressed. 

For men, this is a Powerful DAILY detoxifier.

This product is Superior and Extremely Rare to find on the open market.

Dr. Don uses this product daily and he swears it is what keeps him slim and young looking.

Inflammation cannot happen in a body that is calm and healthy.

E3 Slender Sea Pak – Your Source for Rare and Superior Sea Vegetables from around the World.

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