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Grow YOUNG again with HGH!

Non- toxic, Safe, Effective with Amazing Results.

By the age 30 and beyond, we are naturally deficient in Human Growth Hormone (HGH). We all want to LOOK and feel like we are 21 again. Tight Bellies, Beautiful skin, Energy with Vigor, Strong sexual libido, STRONG memory, Thick hair…

All of these conditions are results of deficiency of HGH production in the body.

Only for the RICH and PRIVILEGED!


In the Past HGH was only available to the ULTRA Wealthy, but now as a result of lower costs and availabilityYOU CAN TOO  feel young again at a small slice of the cost. NEW revolutionary DNA technology has been developed to create a special process of blending chosen and specific mix of 191 amino acids with a Natural Bacteria, which converts the amino acids to REAL Natural HGH.

STOP your disappointment when you look in the mirror.

Reverse YOUR AGE!

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HGH levels are extremely high in our youth keeping us energetic and healthy. By age 60, HGH levels decrease by 80% from the level at age 20.

HGH is very effective in terms of anti-aging and strengthening of the body. Symtoms of growth hormone deficient patients are as follows:

  • SKIN-With loosing elasticity skin become thinner, sag with wrinkles.
  • ENERGY-Loss of vigor and stamina.
  • BONE-Along with loosing the strength bone may be affronted by osteoporosis.
  • SEXUAL POWER-Loss of sexual powers and libido.
  • MUSCLE-Loosening the strength and mass of muscles is very common.
  • FAT-Accumulation of fat tissues.
  • MEMORY-Memory starts to fade.
  • HEART-Slackening of heart muscles become common.
  • KIDNEY-Kidney functions deteriorates.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM-Immunity decreases and healing time increases.
  • HAIR-Thin hair with fading color.
  • CHOLESTEROL-Increased cholesterol level

By age 30, virtually everyone is deficient in human growth hormone, resulting in SDS, or Somatotropin (human growth hormone) deficiency syndrome. Decreased human growth hormone symptoms include loss of muscle and an increase of fat. Low levels of human growth hormone decreases physical mobility, and reduces energy levels. Low levels of growth hormone diminish the healing ability, low levels pose a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and lower life expectancy. In other words, these are symptoms of the disease called aging.

Without HGH benefits, hormone levels decline with age, sometimes referred to as somatopause, which is directly associated with many symptoms of aging, including wrinkling, gray hair, decreased energy and sexual function, increased body fat, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and much more, thus requiring hgh therapy treatment. Many of these symptoms have been associated with younger adults who have hormone deficiency; in a sense, the biological age of these adults has exceeded their chronological age. There is good news however. Safe and effective HGH supplements are readily available.

In the past, the cost and availability of HGH has been prohibitive. New technology has changed all of that. DNA technology has developed a process of blending a specific mix of 191 amino acids with a natural bacteria, which converts the amino acids to real natural HGH.

Recombinant technology takes this molecule and prepares a homeopathic concentration small enough for dermal absorption. This homeopathic form is stabilized and encapsulated in a proprietary dermal delivery system.

Why a CRÈME?

Supplements taken orally are mostly destroyed in the digestion process. Adequate absorption is only accomplished through topical application in the form of a dermal (skin) delivery system.

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