Dr. Don Salyer

Dear Friend,

After being a chiropractor for over 22 years, world champion power lifter, body builder, and an anti-aging specialist my team and I have finally come out with an extremely high quality product line of anti-aging, health and nutrition line.

Dr. Don Salyer

These are the actual products I use myself personally or give to my loved ones and patients. Some have called me the ‘Dr. Don chemist’ mainly because I use products on me, in my workouts, on my body before I ever suggest them to my patients or loved ones.

After many years,  I have finally chosen to come out with a superior high quality line of crèmes, liquids, and nutrition supplements in an Effective, Efficient, and Effortless way.

This is the meaning behind the business name and our personal mission, E3 = Effective, Efficient, and Effortless.

In my 22 years of being a health care provider, helping many people with chronic pain management and weight loss – 99% of the cases I saw, I was repeating myself.

“Your body is toxic” “Your in pain, because you need to lose weight.” “Your not losing weight because your hormones are out of wack.”

Then they would look at me and say, “Doc, can you help?”

Yes, I can and want to help you to have an amazing life by having outstanding health.

My team and I stand behind the fact that in this very toxic world, full of disease and chronic pain, we chose to develop a line of products, that did not mask an issue, but actually cleansed and detoxed the body. It is important that you understand that all toxins deposit in your fat tissues, therefore removing the toxic waste then your body can create a fat burning and healthy environment, in turn reducing body fat, and chronic pains.

To Your Better Health + Better Life.

Effective + Efficient + Effortless

Dr. Don Salyer


4825 East Riverside Austin, TX 78741