E3 BOOST YOUR BODY Fat Loss Bundle

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E3 Ultra-Slim Cleanse +  Slender Sea Pak + Rapid Lean

E3 ULTRA SLIM CLEANSE – Candida Cleanse

E3 SLENDER SEA PAK – High Potency Iodine

E3 RAPID LEAN – The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Drops!

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E3 Ultra-Slim Cleanse +  Slender Sea Pak + Rapid Lean

E3 ULTRA SLIM CLEANSE – Candida Cleanse

Powerful Blood Purifier, Liver Cleanse and Lymphatic Detoxifier. HELPS ELIMINATE CANDIDA!

Do you suffer from any of these chronic symptoms; fatigue, migraines, brain fog, high blood pressure, anxiety, trouble losing weight, PMS, hot flashes… If you said yes to any of these, you need help to detoxify, repair and regenerate your liver and your lymphatic system.

Ultra Slim Cleanse is one of the only products out on the current market that helps reduce Candida in the body. A leading cause in multiple Chronic symptoms including gas, bloating, constipation, sinus problems…

E3 SLENDER SEA PAK – High Potency Iodine

Slender Sea Pak is great source for magnesium which can help with heart health

The MOST Powerful Nutritious Foods on the Planet.

This SPECIAL 7 Wild Sea Vegetable liquid is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It not only helps people lose weight, it promotes one’s overall health. Benefits Include:

Iodine assists patients in losing weight by nurturing their thyroid gland back to health. If you are going to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, you will need a healthy thyroid. Slender Sea Pak will assist your body towards a health thyroid.


The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Drops!

Taken under the tongue two times a day. Your body will let go of that unwanted fat!

100% Hormone Free Diet Drops

Dr. Don Rapid Lean – Ultimate Weight Loss Drops provides a 1000 calorie per day alternative to the original and highly successful 500 calorie per day weight loss plan designed by Dr. Simeons.

By adding breakfast as a meal and offering higher protein portions to other meals we have found that more users have a better chance of success because they are not on such a low calorie intake.*

This 100% hormone-free formula contains specific amino acids, herbs, vitamins and nutrients intended to enhance energy and suppress appetite, while also supporting overall wellness.*

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